WheatBread Issue#15: May 1998
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A Note on Discrepancies: In addition to photos and articles only available here, most copy editing, graphic design, and layout mistakes have been fixed. Care has been taken to preserve the character of the original.



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2. Editorials: "Parting Remarks" by old Editor Zack Ordynans, and "Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed" by new Editor Jon Messinger. Plus the ever-important masthead.

3. Naval of Conmen, aka the Table of Contents. A detailed look at the cornucopia that is this issue.

4-10. 1998: A Year (the Year in Review). The end of the 1997-98 school year is here, so before we move ahead, we take one look back...

4-7. The Top Ten News Stories of the Year: by Emily Sachs, Jon Messinger, and Zack Ordynans. Including the 1997-98 Timeline.
8-10. The Wheaties: The 2nd Annual Clark Awards, we give Wheaties for Best Practical Joke, (hu)Man of the Year, and many others.

11. The Walls Speak in Goddard...: by Jessica Grimsby ('98). Clark's library: Five floors of raw cement and some books-- not to mention some of the best graffiti on campus.

12-18. Wag the Spinoza: the Rise and Fall of Suzy-Q Yoda: by Anonymous (the author of "Secondary Colors"), as told to David Reed ('98). A modern fable of political power and intrigue. Confused by the catastrophe of Student Council this year? You won't be when you finish reading this.

19. The Last CUP-FA Update: by Jeremy Lesniak ('01). What happened to Clark's new militia? And what happened to Jeremy? Send in the form with your guess!

20. Remember, Your Level Number is Six: by Rachel Rosenblum ('00) and Dave Reed ('98). The search for the perfect dictionary! With footnotes!

21. Why States Should Not Exist: by Dave Reed ('98) and Rachel Rosenblum ('00)-- 50 reasons to get rid of our states; PLUS: Some Notes on a Non-Movement, by Crawford Blackhill and Lady Victoria-- the Goth movement scrutinized.

22. Open Letter to Clark: by the Clark University Pagan Alliance; PLUS: Top Ten Reasons Why Clark is Like a Small Communist Country by Ed Bradley ('99).

23. An Editorial Cartoon by Tom Gibson ('98).

24. A WheatBread Comparison: Steve O. and Jell-O. You make the call.

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