WheatBread Issue#12: February 1998
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A Note on Discrepancies: In addition to photos and articles only available here, most copy editing, graphic design, and layout mistakes have been fixed. Care has been taken to preserve the character of the original.



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1. Merrily Syndrome: a Diagnosis (By Way of Introduction), by Dave Reed ('98)
2. Explanation/Editorial, Credits, and Table of Contents
3. Letter to the Editor; 'Man of the 24 Hours' Award [plus, the 24-Hour Timeline begins at the bottom of the page]
4. Taybin's page, by Taybin Rutkin ('00)
5. A Defense of Bruce Springsteen by Zack Ordynans ('98); Squba Gear Open for Phish, Pack Howie, by Sean Prager ('00)
6-8. A Story, by all present staff
9. Alternate Names for WheatBread, by staff; WB Categorizes Clark Students, by Mollie Wittstein ('99) and staff
10. A Short Blurb on Love, by Seth Brodeur ('99); Beth Eshelman Checks In
11-12. A Socratic Dialogue, by Jon Messinger ('00)
13. A New, Neurotic Look at the Sketchiness of WheatBread, by Molly Hale ('00)
14. Two Poems by Michael Thibodeau; Do-it-yourself art space
15. I Was Just Thinking... and That's How They Getcha! by Eric Mattison ('98)
16. More by Eric Mattison
17-18. Mike Dorrian's Annotated Quote Books
19. Abortion story, by anonymous
20. To Whom It May Concern: a review of 'Canned Laughter', by anonymous
21. Sleep is a Drug, by Baxter George Stabbington
22. 1998 Valentine's Day Compatibility Survey