WheatBread Issue#5: August 1996
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A Note on Discrepancies: In addition to photos and articles only available here, most copy editing, graphic design, and layout mistakes have been fixed. Care has been taken to preserve the character of the original. NOTE: WheatBreads #1-#9 are 11x17 in size; WheatBreads #10-present are 8.5x11.

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Assorted pages in hand-sewn PDF format.



2-3. "While You Were Gone..." News Briefs from the summer:

2. Includes the selection of the new Director of OIS, a tentative site for the Environmental School, and new charges on toll-free calls.
Also features the Masthead, credits, and legal mumbo-jumbo
3. Features a new Dean of Students, revamped computer labs, and the first sighting of the 'Poking Ghost.'

4. "Space, the Final Frontier" by Randy Mack ('98). An investigative inquiry into the University's space allocation troubles. Featuring sidebars on the Enterprise System, Clark EMS, Housing, and the Players in the space mess.

8. WheatBread Merchandising Catalogue-- featuring a whole batch of good stuff, and even two COPACE ad parodies!

10. The Info Desk Summer Logs, by Chris Condon ('98) and Dave Bernstein ('98). While working in the University Center for the summer, Dave and Chris kept a log of all the summer's excitement.

12. "The University Park Camp-- My Experience with Clark's Catastrophic Community Calamity for Kids" by Nathan Kleinberger ('97)-- an insider takes you on a tour of Clark's half-baked attempt to provide a summer camp for local children.

14. "Academia is a Mind-Altering Substance" by F. Craig Littlejohn ('97). What happens to you if you learn...

15. "Another Summer Job: Out of the Ivory Tower, Into the Collapsible Cubicle" by Nicole Imbracsio ('98). Working to live compared with studying to death.

PLUS two by Rachel Eisner ('96): "Patties for Puppies" and "Oh, Brother... Suffering Fraternal Binds in Style (and From a Great Distance)"

16. "How Many Things Can You Find Wrong With... the Sackler Elevator"