Armak Productions

A pre-postmodern meta-retro-comedy.



1987. When a routine video rental goes wrong, a hot-headed customer
invokes the legend of Laser Dave, the mythological ultra-strict laserdisc clerk.
Laser Dave is only an urban legend... OR IS HE?
He is not.


The movie that IMAX, Arriflex, & Panavision don't want you to see.


Directed by Randy Mack and Bill Evans.
Written and Produced by Randy Mack.

Comedy-Horror. 9min. Color, sort of. Mono. VHS-C. 1997.

Starring: Dale Bowery, Jamie Billings, Mark Messier, Carrie J. Mercier, Bill Evans, Ed Surlaw, Chris Bagel, Aidan Reynolds
introducing Steve Guo as "Customer #5"
...and Laser Dave as himself