Armak Productions

A pre-postmodern meta-retro-comedy.

1987. When a routine video rental goes wrong, a hot-headed customer invokes the legend of Laser Dave, the mythological ultra-strict video store clerk.
Laser Dave is only an urban legend... OR IS HE?
He is not.

Directed by Randy Mack and Bill Evans.
Written and Produced by Randy Mack.

Comedy. 9min. 4x3. Mono. VHS-C. Color, sort of. 2014.

Starring: Dale Bowery, Jamie Billings, Mark Messier, Carrie J. Mercier, Bill Evans, Ed Surlaw, Chris Bagel, Aidan Reynolds,
and introducing Steve Guo as "Customer #5"

The movie that Netflix, Blockbuster, iTunes & Amazon don't want you to see.